Electric Supercharger with Turbo Boost Control


High Power Dual motor Electric supercharger!

Outputs 2PSI in pressure!

This Electric Supercharger™ is a "bolt-on electric powered supercharger" which can delivers an average of 10-15% horsepower gain on virtually ANY internal combustion engine.

Main Features:
- Works on ANY engine
- Adds more power on top of all existing modifications
- Electric supercharger reduces turbo lag on all turbocharged engines
- It provides an increase of 2 psi to your intake
- Up to 25 more horsepower GUARANTEED
- Develop a 10-15% HP gain throughout the RPM range
- Safety draws over 833 Watts from the battery when activated at full-throttle
- Includes instructions and complete wiring for installation

Electric Supercharger

Installation Examples:
1. Mount directly on the intake tube replacing
    the air-box.
2. Mount inline between the air-box and throttle body.
3. Mount directly on to the air inlet of the air-box.

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