CarChip Pro - Engine Monitoring and Performance Unit


The CarChip Pro is an advnaced engine monitoring and performance unit.  The CarChip pro is small -  similar to size of a key fob, it's a great electronic tool to keep track of your driving performance.



Features and Specs:

  • Up to 300 hours of trip details (newest data records over oldest)
  • Complete trip details including time/date, distance traveled, speed (1- or 5-second intervals)
  • Log up to 4 of 23 engine parameters
  • Provides individual graphs and summary reports
  • Records/shows extreme acceleration/braking
  • Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms, speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports/graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded)
  • Automatic accident log with last 20 seconds speed data before impact
  • Assign trips as business/commute/personal
  • Calculate gas mileage
  • View/Reset engine diagnostic trouble codes (check-engine light)
  • Test for preliminary emissions status
  • Software (included) lets you review/clear diagnostic codes, view summaries/detail reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis

• CarChip data logger
• Software on CD
• USB cable for downloading data




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