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Automobile Performance Parts is your source for performance parts and performance chips.  Our products have all been picked by our trained technical team and specifically designed for your make and model.  We are so confident in our products that we offer a satisfaction guarantee! 

Our line of performance parts, performance chips, intakes, exhausts, superchargers, spark plugs and power modules will squeeze out every last bit of power from your engine making it more efficient, better performing, fuel saving, and a lot more fun to drive.  Simply put, performance parts and performance chips offered by APP are the best bang for your hard earned dollars.  Our low prices, superior products, and our satisfaction guarantee will make sure you are pleased with your purchase.

The job of our performance parts and performance chips is to release the hidden power of your engine.  Increase the benefit by adding our exhausts, supercharges, spark plugs, power modules, and intakes. On most engines, you can expect to gain up to 50 horsepower with our add-on performance parts and performance chips.  This is a secret many automobile manufacturers do not want you to know.   The fact is they make more money selling the larger engines than they do the smaller ones.  With our technologically advanced performance products and performance chips, your engine will perform just like a larger one and better than you ever expected.  Our trained research and development team have spent years developing these products to ensure they perform to the highest, exacting levels.

Every part we sell from the spark plugs, intakes, supercharges, power chips, power modules, exhausts, and performance chips will be specific to your make and model.  If you want your car to perform at it’s max, you should combine our performance products. 

Our suggested combo for maximum horsepower is:

Performance Chips

•    Power Chip
•    Power Module
•    Air Intake
•    Exhaust
•    Spark Plugs

Choose your make and model to get started.  Remember, our products have specifically been designed for your make and model so you know you are getting the best performing products available.  APP will make your car faster, stronger, and more fun!

Automobile Performance Parts – Powerful Performance at Reasonable Prices!

Air Intakes: Air intakes work by increasing the size of the air filter and reducing the restriction of your factory air box.  The increased size of the air filter and reduced restriction allows your vehicle to suck in more air that is also colder and denser.  The colder and denser mixes better in the combustion chambers which turn into more horsepower.

Performance Mufflers:  All engines work by getting air and then spitting it out.  With our line of performance mufflers, your engine’s back pressure will be reduced allowing your engine to exit more air.  This allows your engine to breathe better which results in more air moving.  The increased airflow will increase the horsepower of your engine.  Performance exhausts also give your vehicle a nice exhaust note that is deeper.

Performance Chips:  Performance chips are the newest technology in squeezing every bit of horsepower out of your car.  Our R&D staff has developed these chips after years of research. These performance chips represent the highest technology available today. They work by tricking the computer to increase the air/fuel ratio in the cylinder walls.  Simply put, no other company comes close to the quality and technology found in our performance chips.

Performance Modules:  Performance modules working by removing the cars signal and sending a modified signal to the ECU.  This modified signal will tell your ECU to increase the fuel and air resulting in more horsepower.  Our performance modules are known to be the best performing ones out there.  Our unique technology ensures that your performance module is getting you the most horsepower available.

Superchargers:  Superchargers work by force feeding the engine with air.  Our superchargers have been developed to be plug and play.  You will not need to modify any engine settings with our kit.  Our supercharger will force feed more air pressure into your engine.  This will result in huge horsepower gains.  Our kit is the most advanced, highest quality kit out there.  Supercharge your ride with APP!

Fuel saving devices:  In this time of high gas prices, we have developed some fuel saving devices that increase the MPG of your vehicle.  Our fuel saving devices work by making the engine more efficient in the use of gas and air.  Combined you could be saving a ton of money at the pump. Remember, our products are specific to your vehicle to ensure maximum results.

Performance Spark Plugs:  Performance spark plugs are a great addition to your vehicle.  Not only are performance spark plugs a maintenance item, they will also increase the power of your vehicle.  Performance spark plugs work by using a metal called iridium.  This metal is much better at conducting electricity.  The spark plugs give a much spark to the cylinder head thus better utilizing the air and fuel to get you more horsepower.  This a must do modification for any vehicle.

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